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Balloon Gimmicks

Balloon Bunting Gimmick

You’ll be amazed to see how a string of helium-filled colorful balloons when released in the air can lift the mood of your event.

Balloon Drop

Looking for a great way to gain attention to create a strong & lasting impression for your event? Release all your balloons from the ceiling to create a dramatic effect.

Balloon Firecracker

Add some excitement to your celebration with balloon firecrackers! Balloon firecrackers are a safe & reliable solution that doesn’t use fire to work nor any harmful chemicals. Be sure you have enough space to pop these balloons!

Product Reveal Gimmick

Want to keep things upbeat and lively at your special product launch event? Be sure to try out our gimmick ideas for launching to keep your attendees hooked. The key to success is to have a memorable launch gimmick at your event.

Balloon Burst

Do you have a big event coming & want to create a big impression on your spectators? We would definitely recommend the balloon burst that’s done manually or by a simple click of a button.

Why Choose Balloon Gimmicks?

These gimmicks are great for any ceremonial event. Gain attention to your event as you utilize the magic of balloon gimmicks! If you are looking for help in making a decision that you can be happy with, all that you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We can help you to create the joyous decoration that you need to make the whole evening feel as grandiose and as optimistic as it can. That’s because we don’t sell Balloons – We create JOY! Get in touch with us via WhatsApp or Contact form, and let us know your event requirements.