Foil Balloons

Looking for a long-lasting balloon? Foil Balloons can stay helium-inflated for days and even weeks, making them the ideal decoration for a long event or surprises for any occasion!

At  Wonder Balloons Malaysia we have preset foil balloons that say 'Congratulations' 'Thank you', 'It's a Boy/Girl' & many more available at all times, we also provide bespoke & customizable options. If you are looking to send a personal message or customize a foil balloon all you have to do is design your own balloon.

Our printed balloons are a great idea for gifts or classy party decorations.

Alternatively, you can combine a number of different colored plain foil balloons for a fun & jazzy occasion!

They look the best and last the longest, start browsing and find your kind.

5 Foil Balloons Facts You Didn't Know


Latex, bubble, foil – there are just so many balloons to choose from. If you’re looking for balloons to make your party pop, foil balloons are the way to go. From all alphabets to custom shapes, foil balloons give you the ultimate custom décor choice!

Here are 5 foil balloon facts that you probably didn’t know – 

  1. Foil balloons were first introduced in the 1970s for the New York City Ballet. They were plain silver metalized balloons and then took shape as a versatile over the coming years.
  2. Foil balloons were initially called Mylar balloons and both terms are still confused till this day. However, the balloon industry officially calls them “foil balloons”!
  3. Foil balloon is helium-inflated and can stay inflated for several days to 2 weeks. So, if you’re party planning ahead or want to use the same decorations for multiple events, foil balloons are the perfect choice for you.
  4. Foil balloons can literally be shaped into any design you want. Whether you’re looking for letter customized balloons for your friend’s birthday or special character shaped balloons for a theme party, foil balloons are versatile and can be molded any which way.  
  5. Since foil balloons are metallic, they can conduct electricity if not used safely. That’s why we recommend you use foil balloons for all your indoor party needs and go latex for outdoor parties! 

Here’s a 3-step guide to picking the right foil balloons for you:

  1. Think about the type of event you’re hosting. If it’s an adult birthday, number foil balloons or alphabet balloons work best. For kids parties try cartoon balloons.
  2. Go for affordable high-quality balloon delivery. If you’re looking for the top personalized balloons try the best balloon store in Malaysia, Wonder Balloons. 
  3. Buy wholesale and in bulk to get your balloons as cheap as they come.

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