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Bulk Balloon Printing

Cheapest Corporate Bulk Balloon Printing in Malaysia

Balloon Customization for Corporate Events

Customize your logo for Corporate Events or your Company in bulk.

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Customization Offered:

One Sided/ Two Sided Printing

Single Ink/Multiple Inks

Metallic/Standard Balloons

Latex Balloons/Foil/PVC

      Get Flat Balloons or get us to your event site for Inflated Balloons

      Bulk Balloon Printing Rates

      1 Side / 2 Side - 1 Color Ink


      Price per pc

      25,000 pcs
      RM 0.185
      50,000 pcs
      RM 0.175
      100,000 pcs
      RM 0.165
      300,000 pcs and aboveRM 0.155

      1 Side / 2 Side - 2 Color Ink


      Price per pc

      25,000 pcs

      RM 0.23

      50,000 pcs

      RM 0.22

      100,000 pcs

      RM 0.20

      300,000 pcs and above

      RM 0.18

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