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Bubble Balloons

The best quality bubble balloons in Malaysia are here at Wonder Balloons. Perfectly clear and spherical in shape!

Often seen at elegant events and celebrations, perfect decoration for weddings, baby showers or bridal showers. 

Bubble balloons are often filled with confetti or feathers but also can be customized according to your preferences.

Bubble balloons at Wonder Balloons Malaysia are made from stretchy, see-through plastic and stay inflated for around 1.5 - 2 weeks. 

All About Bubble Balloons in 3 Minutes


What Are Bubble Balloons?

Bubble balloons look exactly as they are described – like bubbles! If you’re in the market for clear, stretchy and perfectly round balloons, go for these. They fit in perfectly on any occasion from graduation to a wedding.

How Long Does Bubble Balloons Last?

Worried about your balloons deflating? Don’t stress. Since bubble balloons are non-oxidizing, once filled they stay inflated for 1.5 – 2 weeks. So, in case you’re planning a party in advance or want to use the same décor for two consecutive events, bubble balloons have got you sorted.

Outdoor Or Indoor Balloons?

Bubble balloons are smooth, wrinkle-free balloons. So, if you want eye-catching but classy event décor, this is the right choice for you. Whether you’re throwing an indoor baby shower or an outdoor barbeque, they work well for both outdoor and indoor events.

What Bubble Balloons Can I Get?

At Wonder Balloons Malaysia, we have a wide variety of bubble balloons that work with all celebrations.

Here’s our selection of bubble balloons on the online balloon store -

Japan Aqua Balloons

If you’re looking for crystal-ball clarity, these balloons are made of the finest quality plastic at the most affordable price. These basic balloons can be customized any way you want.

Japan T-Bubble Balloons

These are your basic balloons that are a blank canvas for all your personalised balloon needs. So, don’t hold back, order in bulk from the balloon store, get cheap balloon delivery and start creating!

China Bubble Balloons

These balloons are great to print on and work well for everything from casual parties to professional events.

Metallic Colored Bubble Balloons

Glossy, metallic and attention-grabbing, these balloons go perfectly with big celebrations. From space silver to baby pink, they are available in 9 colour options.

Coloured Bubble Balloons

Looking for a pretty pastel look? These coloured bubble balloons complement outdoor parties like baby showers, gender reveals, brunches, and more. From sunny yellow to pastel purple, these are available in 6 colours.

LED Balloons

LED Balloons are an affordable and unique way to add a club effect to any event. Battery operated balloons, these colourful balloons look great at dance parties.

Shop the best quality bubble balloons and get cheap balloons delivery only on Wonder Balloons store.

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