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Birthday parties, baby showers, engagements, new homes and more; no matter the size, shape or style you're looking for, there is a balloon to suit every occasion here at Wonder Balloons Malaysia!

Whether you are looking for your child’s favorite characters, looking to spell out a name or messages with balloon letters or send a balloon in a gift box, browse the categories below to see our complete range.

If you’re looking for something a bit more bespoke why not create your own, with photo and message printing, personalizing your celebrations, with the best quality balloon decoration.

4 Awesome Balloon Hacks For Parties!

Party planning can get a bit boring at times – tired of the same old food, drinks, and décor? What if you could take it up a notch in the most affordable way? Here are four awesome balloon hacks that’ll make your party really POP –

1. Personalized Balloons


Nothing makes people feel more special than adding a personal touch. Jazz up your balloons by getting everyone’s name on their individual balloons and hand it out as party favors. You can either print out letters and stick them on or simply get a marker and write something funny on the balloons. Simple, easy, and cute!

2. Balloon Bunting


Take a break from the boring old bunting and make your own DIY balloon decoration! Get a ribbon and buy multiple coloured balloons from a balloon store that really complement each other. Blow and tie them in alternate colors to add an ombre look. Cheap, customizable and classy.

Tip: While blowing up multiple balloons, get a DIY helium tank to blow with minimal effort. Affordable, easy to use and portable, these tanks can help you blow up to 50+ balloons!

3. Organize A Balloon Based Game


Who said you need to buy a party game? Games are all about having fun and there’s nothing more fun than balloons. Here are two games that you can make with wonder balloons –

The floor is lava

Blow balloons of different colors and give 6 players their individual ones. Have them throw it up in the air and the winner must make sure the balloon doesn’t hit the ground. Last to keep it in the air wins!

Balloon Lottery

Take a large piece of Thermocol and stick multiple custom-made balloons on it – some with plain confetti, some with funny chits and a few with prizes. Blindfold the player, give them a pin and three 3 tries to pop balloons. It’s all about luck!

4. Confetti Balloons


Just have plain latex balloons at home? No worries. Cut pieces of paper, turn them into confetti and put them inside your balloon while blowing. Not only do they brighten up plain balloons, but you can really customize balloon decorations depending on the event! Anniversary? Fill them with heart-shaped confetti. Birthday? Cute round confetti to signify birthday cake. There’s just so much to create!

If you’re looking for balloons to try out these ideas buy balloons online and get balloons for delivery at Wonder Balloons Malaysia here

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