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Balloon Printing

Get Customized Printed Balloons In Malaysia

Balloons get anyone fixated and fascinated, young and old, they are the perfect decorative material for spreading your brand's quirky, yet professional identity –

At Wonder Balloons, Malaysia we can print your logos, invitations, promotional or any special texts that you would want to display to the audience.

What Can You Print?

  1. Corporate Logos
  2. Photographs
  3. Texts

If you're not sure of your artwork being suitable for printing, contact us via email and we will provide a free consultancy & the best solution for you.

Why You Should Consider Balloon Printing?

  1. Grabs a million eyeballs & super attractive
  2. The most affordable print advertising tool
  3. Leaves a long-lasting impression


    Your balloon printing service was good and all arrangements are done on time even though we placed the orders last minute.

    — Saravanan Rajoo

    Great customer service, I look forward to ordering more balloons in the future.

    — Intan Asmida


    Latex Balloon Printing

    Latex balloons are the most economical, flexible and safe party decorations. It not only grabs children’s attention but also quite amusing to people of different age groups.

    And hence why we believe, latex balloon printing is the best idea to market your brand or have fun & customized arrangements for your events & parties.

    Custom printed balloons have proven to be quite effective, popular corporate brands use our services for their logos, brand launching, store opening, and many other retail marketing activities.

    Balloon printing is also very cost effective; and hence a lot of consumers come back to Wonder Balloons for printing latex balloons for their birthday parties, weddings, and event invitations!

    Our minimum amount for printing balloons is meager 100 pieces only!

    Latex balloons can be printed on one side, two sides or all around. The minimum size of latex balloons that can be printed are 12 inches. Although we can print on larger sizes of latex balloons like 24 inches and 36 inches, however, most companies use 12 inches as the most standard balloon printing material. 12-inch custom printed latex balloons can be pumped with either normal air and distributed by tying to cups and sticks or they can be filled with helium gas to float!

    Foil Balloon Printing

    If you want something even more elegant then we can make custom shaped foil balloons in almost any shape and colour.

    We can make the kids a truck shaped balloon for the birthday party, or make your company logo a 3D floating advertisement. Your imagination is the limit. Let us help you materialize your imaginations!

    So, from corporate events and high-profile branding to party-invites, baby showers, birthday parties and more - we can make the custom printed balloons you need!

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    Check out our wide variety of custom printed balloons you can choose from and start impressing your customers, family and friends.