If you Google confetti definition, it says they are small pieces of coloured paper traditionally thrown over a bride and groom but today it’s so much more than that. Confetti has made its way into everyday life and it can be used for any event from a graduation party to an office event.

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Just walk into a balloon decoration shop and you’re bound to find a handful of options from glitter confetti to paper confetti. At Wonder Balloons Malaysia online balloon store, you can get 4 types of confetti –

Round Paper Confetti

Simple and stunning, these sprinkles are the perfect option to jazz up your party décor. Available in different 4 colour combinations to suit any party, this colourful confetti is perfect for throwing and making confetti cannons.

Round Foil Confetti

Similar is shape and design to the paper confetti, foil confetti has more shine to the sprinkles. From rose gold to sea-blue, this is available in stunning eye-catching colours.

Star Foil Confetti

Want a break from the usual? Star-shaped foil confetti is what you need from the balloon store! Perfect for themed parties, you can scatter these shiny stars all over and make sure your event looks out of this world.

Crushed Confetti

Want a whimsical look to your party? Crushed confetti is the way to go. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold, this confetti adds that extra special touch of sparkle.


Balloon Confetti Tool

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So, how does one use confetti to customize their décor? Here are 3 ways to do that -

Confetti Balloons

Adding confetti inside your balloons is probably the simplest and most popular way to make personalized balloons. It not only works as décor, but you can organize a bunch of fun party confetti games like pop the balloon, confetti pong, confetti fight, and more!

Confetti Cannon

A sky full of confetti falling on you while you dance the night away? Sign me up. You don’t necessarily need to have a canon, just place it at a height and let it rain confetti.  

Confetti Land

Just simple shiny confetti can be used to elevate the look of any party. Place it in bulk in bowls, scatter it over the floor or decorate tables with it – anything is possible. If you need something to fill up empty space at a party, confetti is the way to go!