Balloon Sticks

Premium quality balloon sticks & balloon cups- after attaching the balloon onto the cup, insert the stick for easy assembly. Available in every colour!

Balloon sticks are said to be one of the must-have or must add item to add in your cart. It is useful for indoor party display. Balloon stick is one of those balloon accessories that helps in arranging the balloons. They are handy as it does not let the foil or latex balloons from floating away in windy seasons. You are required to feed up the tail of the balloon to make it secure. So it is a good chance to produce or create some amazing balloon centerpieces by placing your balloon sticks in your favorite vase or even a potted plant.

There are two main types of balloon sticks available. One-piece safety stick while the other is two-piece safety stick. The two piece stick version has a cup along with stick element that requires to be fitted altogether before you tie the balloon on whilst. On other hand, the one-piece stick comprises single molded piece of a plastic. From budgeting point of view, two piece sticks are relatively cheaper. For safety concerns of children, we recommend you to give them one piece stick as it does not come with any sort of small or detachable part.

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How to Use Balloon Sticks?

Balloon sticks are needed to hold balloon easily it is also an important item for gifts or decoration. If you get yourself colorful sticks, then you are basically buying a balloon decoration that will amaze your kids and add more life to your event.

In case you are confused on how to attach a balloon stick to a balloon, read the following steps:

1. Place the stick together if you want a balloon bouquet to go with your party theme. Just assort the colors to your desire. The plastic size must be 13 ¾ if you want to use it with all size latex balloon.

2. To attach stick with the balloon, you must inflate the balloon and tie it.

3. Now stretch out the neck and insert the stick into the slot of the balloon

4. Tie loop around the outside material of your balloon.

5. Let your kid hold the stick and enjoy with his/her balloon.

It is better to avoid inflating with mouth as it can be dangerous for lungs instead use air pumps or balloon inflators that are easily available on our website. Once you are done just tie the knot in the balloon. You have to stretch the neck to maximum and make a loop. Balloon sticks are said to be cost-effective balloon accessories that can be used in all sorts of functions. There are different sizes and colors available in the sticks’ collection. The air pumps are also available at economical rates at Wonder Balloons and thus you do not necessarily need to buy helium gas for those balloons.

Balloon sticks are great because when you have balloons filled with air and stick inserted you can use it for different events such as promotions, surprise parties, engagement etc. The balloons with stick can be formed into a balloon tree to leave the audience in awe. One can also with the help of stick place the balloon in vase or vessel that have pebbles or oasis for that matter. It looks really amazing on tables or side tables etc.

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