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LED Balloon Lights

LED copper lights to jazz up your helium balloons and light up your celebrations!

Most popular balloon decoration & accessory, LED lights last up to 8 to 12 hrs and absolutely safe for children.

Are you planning to give a surprise party to your lover on your first wedding anniversary? From arranging dinner to inviting loved ones everything is going great. How about adding more life to the décor of your party by bringing some LED balloon lights home? How about placing these LED balloon lights over the curtains in the room and let your wife/husband be surprised with all those flowers, balloons, lights etc.? Yes, LED balloon lights can give amazing ever-lasting memories.

What Are LED Balloon Lights?

Led balloon lights are small size lights that are light in weight. They are battery operated that you can turn on and place it inside your latex or bubble balloon. The led balloon lights come in different colors. You can get in red, blue, green, purple, white and many others. The variety in colors help you in matching with the theme of your event. The functioning hour of these lights are pretty reasonable too. You can use it for functions you are sure will less no longer than 8 hours or even more.

LED balloon lights are perfect to use because you can not only utilize them in balloons but rather also for floral arrangements and paper lanterns. Thus, increase the charm of your party and make the day more special more appealing.

As far as the balloons used in this are concerned, transparent balloons with high quality of latex nature is used. These are non-toxic, durable and looks really beautiful when the led inside is turned on. However, it is important to mention here that these balloons are to be inflated using balloons inflator pumps or electric inflators and you should not blow the balloons using the mouth. The led may choke in the mouth or even cause serious consequences. The other good part about these Led balloon lights are that they do not need helium gas to insert. You have to be careful to not let your balloon float or be placed near sharp item, fire sources or blow cigarette etc.

The led balloon lights with balloons come with holder sticks as well. You can place the led by yourself too. From budget point of view, the led balloon lights are very economical and easy to use. They are safe in nature and a perfect addition to your balloons accessories. The best effect of led balloon lights can be observed at night or in darkened room.

If we talk about the availability of the product, it is easy to find online and in other places. To make simpler for you, we have LED balloon lights in different colors at our store so you do not have to wander to find good quality lights.

You can make a small balloon bouquet by tying 3-4 balloons with led lights in them. It will be a unique and appealing idea for the audience.

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