Are you looking for a way to make a bold statement at an upcoming event? Or do you just want to add some fun into the mix? If so, then I think that an inflatable arch is the perfect choice for you. It’s hard to believe that something so small can have such a big impact on any event! In this article, we will explore five reasons why choosing an inflatable arch over other options is the right choice

1. Inflatable arches are fully customizable

The most important thing to consider when it comes to inflatable arches is how you want your arch to look and feel. We offer a wide range of options, from colour and size, through shape, design and graphics all the way through materials used. You can also choose whether or not you would like us to supply and deliver your arch or if you’d rather install it yourself (we’ll provide guidance on this).

The next step is making sure that you’re happy with the delivery times on offer; this will depend on the time of year but generally speaking they tend to be within 10-15 working days from placing an order until delivery takes place (subject to availability). Once ordered then we’ll work with you in advance so everyone knows what’s happening at each stage of the process which means everything goes smoothly!

2. They have superior durability

Durable materials. The inflatable arch is made from the same durable material as our other products—the same material used to make bounce houses and obstacle courses. This means that it can withstand high winds, rain and snow without any problems.

Usage versatility. Unlike traditional tents or marquees, an inflatable arch can be used both indoors and outdoors with equal success. You do not have to worry about finding space for it in your yard or garden; you can also use it for promotional purposes inside your store or office building!

Long-term usage capacity: The durability of the inflatable arch is not only limited to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions but also extends into how long it lasts before requiring repairs or replacement parts—a major plus point when compared with other types of party rentals such as tents/marquees which need constant maintenance throughout their lifespan due to wear-and-tear issues associated with being put up every time there’s an event scheduled on site!

3. They can be made of PVC or Fabric materials.

PVC is more durable, but fabric is easier to maintain. Fabric is lighter and can be stored easily. PVC weighs more than fabric and takes up more space in storage.

PVC inflatables are much less susceptible to damage from weather and are generally more durable than their counterparts made of nylon or polyester fabrics. PVC materials offer a higher degree of tear resistance, making them ideal for outdoor use as well as indoor environments that may see frequent use by children or pets (like a playroom). For example, an inflatable Archway with PVC material will stand up better over time when used on sandy beaches or grassy fields where there is heavy foot traffic (or rolling balls) than one made out of fabric because it won’t wear down as quickly due to abrasive elements such as sand particles rubbing against it over time—a major concern should your event require an archway on heavily trafficked terrain like these!

4. They are easy to setup and dismantle

The inflatable arch is easy to assemble and dismantle, so you can pack it away quickly and more easily than other types of event equipment. It can be folded into a small bundle that is easy to transport in the boot of your car or on public transport. The arch will fit comfortably inside a Kancil or Myvi, so there’s no need to rent or borrow heavy-duty vehicles just to move the arches around!

5. You can rent or purchase your inflatable arch

Renting is good for short-term events such as birthday parties and other celebrations, while purchasing is better suited to long-term use by corporations, schools and sports teams.

Rental prices are typically much cheaper than a purchase price, but there are some drawbacks to renting: it’s often quite difficult to get the exact color scheme you want when renting; you may need to wait until another rental customer returns the item before you can use it; they aren’t always available in the sizes needed; if something goes wrong with the custom items at any time during their usage period, they have to be repaired or replaced instead of simply exchanged for an identical product (as would be possible when buying new).

An inflatable arch is the best choice for making a grand entrance or starting point at your event, they are durable and highly customizable.

An inflatable arch is ideal to make a grand entrance to your event. It can be used as focal point in front of stage or as a backdrop behind guest speakers. This can also be used as a starting point for races, such as balloon races and sack races, where participants run under it on their way to the finish line. If you have children involved in your event then think about having them go through an inflatable castle themed tunnel or slide before they enter into their games area.

Inflatable arches are great for outdoor events! They are weather resistant so you don’t need to worry about rain hurting its appearance or causing damage if it does rain on your day! You also have many different styles and sizes available so there’s sure to be something that fits perfectly with what theme colours/theme etc looks best too! Inflatables are available in various different shapes including hearts stars snowflakes flowers bells butterflies diamonds etc..


There are many benefits to having an inflatable arch at your event, they are durable, easy to setup and dismantle as well as being highly customizable. We hope this article has given you some insight into why it is such a good choice for your next event! Contact us today and see how we can help you with your inflatable arch requirements! At Wonder Balloons, we don’t sell balloons, we create joy!